Interview- Steven Schussler Rain Forest Cafe Founder


I had the privilege to interview Steven Schussler who founded the successful chain of Rain Forest Cafe. Chairman and Chief Executive of Schussler Creative, his firm designs and builds theatrical environments for restaurants, retail stores, and special events. Also co-author of best seller book “It’s a Jungle in There”.

Steven is a great mentor, speaker, entrepreneur, and investor, he shared key tips and tricks to run a successful business, no matter if it is in the food industry, retail, product, or service. You will hear and feel Steven’s passion for entrepreneurship in this interview.

Key Tips given in Interview:

  • Entrepreneurs will have ADD (Multi-Taskers)
  • You must always have an ego check
  • Make sure to have the right TEAM that can understand your vision
  • Know your exit strategy, know when it is the time to let go of your business and sale it
  • Customer retention is due to 1) Experience (Wild Factor) 2) Service 
  • Surround yourself with people smarter than you
  • Have attorneys, and branding experts on your team
  • Know your competition
  • Be up to date with what goes on around the world
  • Stay in shape (healthy)
  • Have a good attitude that you are going to succeed
  • You are constantly pitching yourself everyday, make sure to pitch with a smile

To find out more about Steven, visit Schussler Creative.



Promoting Consumer needs and B2B needs

For the past couple of weeks I have been focusing on launching a new product to the market. This product will be a customized USB Flash Drive targeted to young people between the ages of 15-30 years old. The niche market that I am going after is the Electronic Music market which has become a $4.5 Billion industry. The product, which I am working on bringing into the market, will represent all of the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) fans to use as their primary storage device for all their files, music, videos, and more.  A lot of time we get stuck having to use our own laptops to pass on music we like to friends and family, so in order to make the transition easier, fans will be able to give their USB to their friend who can easily just drag and drop the songs, videos, or files they want to share. This is an example of a consumer-oriented product, which I believe will continue to promote EDM and build a stronger foundation of fans.


If I were to bring a business-to-business product or service I would open a service that caters to corporations by producing an online service that helps arrange travel needs for their employees. The website would be a one stop shop for the business, so we can offer discounted prices pre-arranged with airlines, and hotels. This service would first be targeted primarily to my home state of California, targeting first to Orange County my home county. I would target firms with 500 to 749 employees. A lot of companies are growing and going global, so travel among top executives is a very needed service, so we would virtually cater to the corporation’s needs in transportation for their top employees. As an Entrepreneur it is very important to be widely aware of the global economy and how businesses are growing and expanding outside of their home markets which is why I believe that there will be a continuing impact in travel needs from many companies. 

Starting Grad School

I have enter a new phase in my journey of what we call life!

Many obstacles have been destructed, new challenges arise and I am loving life! Just came back from a trip to Cabo San Lucas, and now starting my first semester of Graduate School. I have been accepted into the Masters of Entrepreneurship Program at Western Carolina University, and looking forward to making new friends, collegues, and associates.

I have many projects in the pipeline, one step at a time…

Look out for more updates on my adventures, travels, and projects…