Interview- Steven Schussler Rain Forest Cafe Founder


I had the privilege to interview Steven Schussler who founded the successful chain of Rain Forest Cafe. Chairman and Chief Executive of Schussler Creative, his firm designs and builds theatrical environments for restaurants, retail stores, and special events. Also co-author of best seller book “It’s a Jungle in There”.

Steven is a great mentor, speaker, entrepreneur, and investor, he shared key tips and tricks to run a successful business, no matter if it is in the food industry, retail, product, or service. You will hear and feel Steven’s passion for entrepreneurship in this interview.

Key Tips given in Interview:

  • Entrepreneurs will have ADD (Multi-Taskers)
  • You must always have an ego check
  • Make sure to have the right TEAM that can understand your vision
  • Know your exit strategy, know when it is the time to let go of your business and sale it
  • Customer retention is due to 1) Experience (Wild Factor) 2) Service 
  • Surround yourself with people smarter than you
  • Have attorneys, and branding experts on your team
  • Know your competition
  • Be up to date with what goes on around the world
  • Stay in shape (healthy)
  • Have a good attitude that you are going to succeed
  • You are constantly pitching yourself everyday, make sure to pitch with a smile

To find out more about Steven, visit Schussler Creative.



Why wait for the perfect opportunity?



What a weekend! Definitely was one for the books. had the opportunity to attend a workshop that will forever change my life. The Daymond John Academy. The last couple of years have been very rough for me. Many personal changes were made, from friends, to priorities, to my vision on life. 

Sometimes we set ourselves to fail. Day and night I think to myself, about what mistakes I have made, where I went wrong. However I thank God and life for the mistakes, the struggles, and the battles. You are your true enemy and I mean that with all sincerity. We sometimes say no, it won’t be done, it can’t be done. We surround ourselves with negative people. People who want to see you fail. People who think there is no higher power, no other option, than the norm, the usual, the good ol routine. PSHHH!!!!!! Ya right. No way. Not for me. Don’t you agree? 

There are times we look at the obstacles like a challenge. DONT! STOP! You are hurting yourself. I have learned to look at the obstacles as an opportunity. There is no challenges but opportunity you can take advantage of. If you don’t know something, well learn about it. Read about it, ask about. It is ok to not know all the answers. What good would that be? Where is the fun in that? 

The future holds a very mysterious road for all of us. We don’t really know where we will be in 10 years, we can only set ourselves to a goal to achieve where we want to be in those 10 years. You need to set a plan, both personal and career/business plan. If you want to achieve greatness than start telling yourself you will do whatever it takes to get there.

I am super excited to share upcoming news with you all about some of the projects I am working on. I thank every single one of you that has been there with me from the beginning. You guys rock! 


Much love,


Silvestre Ramos

Greg Hickman founder of

The Creator/Host of Mobile Mixed a Mobile Marketing Consultant focused on retail, Co-Founder of Thumbfound, Entrepreneur & Mountain Biker. Greg started off as an agency guy having the opportunity to work on brands like Pepsi, Lipton, and Walmart, creating and managing digital, in-store and grassroots initiatives.

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Macro-entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs who grow a business to have thousands of employees and make millions of dollars in revenue. These entrepreneurs usually start as a small start-up and eventually grow to big, to have the need to hire alot of people to work for the company, essentially becoming a corporation, LLC, for example. 

One of the influential macro-entrepreneurs would be Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs, had a vision, a dream, to change technology and bring new features, products, and service to the market. His dream developed to what we know today as Apple. There was a recent movie made called “Jobs” with Ashton Kutcher portraying Steve Jobs. I believe that Steve’s vision has changed the world of technology. Not is Apple successful because of its marketing, but because of the simplicity of its products. Steve was a stubborn man who always wanted a change, and although in many interviews of previous employees of Apple, such as the successful Entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki who states how hard Steve was on people, he states that he also did make a change in himself as a person (Guy). Steve has changed many peoples life’s, with his character as a leader and macroentrepreneur.