Interview- Steven Schussler Rain Forest Cafe Founder


I had the privilege to interview Steven Schussler who founded the successful chain of Rain Forest Cafe. Chairman and Chief Executive of Schussler Creative, his firm designs and builds theatrical environments for restaurants, retail stores, and special events. Also co-author of best seller book “It’s a Jungle in There”.

Steven is a great mentor, speaker, entrepreneur, and investor, he shared key tips and tricks to run a successful business, no matter if it is in the food industry, retail, product, or service. You will hear and feel Steven’s passion for entrepreneurship in this interview.

Key Tips given in Interview:

  • Entrepreneurs will have ADD (Multi-Taskers)
  • You must always have an ego check
  • Make sure to have the right TEAM that can understand your vision
  • Know your exit strategy, know when it is the time to let go of your business and sale it
  • Customer retention is due to 1) Experience (Wild Factor) 2) Service 
  • Surround yourself with people smarter than you
  • Have attorneys, and branding experts on your team
  • Know your competition
  • Be up to date with what goes on around the world
  • Stay in shape (healthy)
  • Have a good attitude that you are going to succeed
  • You are constantly pitching yourself everyday, make sure to pitch with a smile

To find out more about Steven, visit Schussler Creative.



The Self Made Man


Entrepreneurs are self made individuals who run start and run a business/businesses. Entrepreneurs are creative, innovative, and accept challenges with open arms. Entrepreneurs most of the time do not like to be told what to do, but like to make decisions on their own. They don’t like taking orders but delegating certain parts of their company, at times outsourcing various duties and positions to help run their business. This lifestyle is continuing to grow in popularity due to the limitless opportunities that you have as an Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are rebels, stubborn, and like to find ways to change the world. 

One of the most infulencial Entrepreneurs to me is Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group (Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, to name a few examples.) (More Info). He was born in England and started his first business at the age of 16. He wrote a book called “Losing my virginity”, and in his book he describes how he grew his business and empire. He relates entrepreneurship to be not only a lifestyle but a self-challenging and being a risk taker. In my opinion (and others) he is the essential example of what an entrepreneur looks like. He constantly challenges himself, with a variety of projects he has gotten into, and is an excellent example of someone who pro actively delegates all his work, to life a very relaxing lifestyle. I would love to someday meet him, and have just 10 minutes of his time to mentor me on my projects and goals. 

Sir Rirchard Branson