International Business



If there were a market for it, would you consider entering an international market for a product/service which you offered in your own enterprise? Why or why not?

There is only particular market I have plans into entering, as of now I can not disclose what is will be, however I have been studying this trend for some time now. I have been filtering out the pros and cons of entering the market, and I have came up with the conclusion that there are not many competitors in this industry nor are there really any businesses focusing on promoting this sort of business product to this region of the world. The advantages that I will have are to my favor, however as any other business there is logistics, which I still need to understand and figure out. I believe that with a few more things to cover I will soon disclose what it is that I am working on. What I could say is that it is a niche market, that has a booming market with a targeted age group, and a market that I am very familiar with. I believe not only my countless hours of research but my studies as a international business undergrad student, will help support my new venture.


I spend sleepless nights investigating more about this market, and I keep coming up with no competitors, it is both existing and nerve wreaking to make time past faster to start on this venture, but with patience and a well thought out plan, it shall happen soon enough.