Sleek & Stylish Necktie + Wallet “Knot Your Average Tie”

We have officially launched our Kickstarter Campaign:

Sleek & Stylish RFID Necktie + Wallet

Slim lightweight 100 % Silk Necktie + RFID Genuine Leather Wallet, for your cards and cash. A tribute to the modern man, always on the go, but forever in style.

We have designed the most sleek & stylish necktie + wallet. Our Kickstarter page has a video and more information why Ejamsi is unique.

Innovative menswear – The Ejamsi Necktie will be the world’s first sleek Necktie + Wallet: made of hand stitched genuine leather and 100% Silk necktie.

Sleek design – The Ejamsi Necktie will come in two different designs. A 4 card slot design to fit up to 8 cards 2 cards per slot, and a 3 card slot plus cash slot design to fit up to 6 cards 2 cards per slot and last slot for cash (ID Card, Drivers License, Debit/Credit Card, Discount Card, Gym Card, Cash, etc.).

Made for daily use – The Ejamsi Necktie was made solving a common issue we encountered as daily suit and necktie users. It eliminates carrying a bulky wallet and allows you to sport your favorite suit or shirt with our tie. It will also eliminate carrying a wallet altogether reducing left behind wallets at any restaurant, cafe, shop, cocktail lounge, etc. and any theft of wallet from pocket or coat. Convenient and stylish for work and a night out at the cocktail lounge.

We are live on Kickstarter

Questions, feedback, let me know! Send us a direct message on Kickstarter 🙂