Mission Possible


I was asked today what is my mission in life?

Here was my reply:

I am in a mission to not only change my own life but change others life. If I can touch people’s life with my thoughts, passion and motivational spirit, that is an encouraging aspect of living a great life. My mission is not only to help myself become successful but to bring others with me who are open to join in on the journey. Part of the “secret” projects I am working on, I vision that it will change millions of people’s life, who have never had an opportunity to share this experience. My passion for fashion, tourism, entertainment, culture and traveling feeds into striving to make my visions a reality.

What is your vision? Have you set milestones to achieve them? What is your Mission in life?


8 thoughts on “Mission Possible

  1. Hi Silvestre,
    Great post! Very thought provoking. If I were asked that question out of the blue I would have difficult time explaining it without some time to think about it. I think that is because I have so many missions in life I want to accomplish. The book that I am reading for class(All Customers Are Irrational by William Cusick) emphasizes how important it is for a company to have a brand mission statement, for a company to have an identity to which it can reach its customers on a emotional level. More importantly I think that every individual should have a “brand mission statement”. Part of my mission statement would be that I want to start a successful company/companies that I am passionate about, that will provide for myself and family financially, and something that not only changes in my life but the lives of many people. This being creating jobs or coming up with a product or service that helps improve the quality of life in some way.
    Talk with you soon!

    • I have not heard of the book but let me know how it is! As an entrepreneur I can tell you are a family man, and care for your loved ones. This is how I feel about my projects, and the goals I set for myself. Growing as an individual while giving back is a tremendous feeling that can not be replaced.

  2. Hi Silvestre,
    Ditto. I’m out to change my life by achieving new heights in education. I smarter I get, the smarter my students will be. I push myself so they have a better education. My fear is if I produce bad machinist, one day I’ll have to go supervise them.
    Seriously, I’ve loved reading you passionate blog posts & in depth interview. Your a great source of energy *knowledge to our online community.
    Thanks Cali,
    PS It’s going to be 50 F° today (vs 10 F° like it has been)

    • That is awesome! I actually never visited a machinist shop before, but I have read about them and it is fascinating to see how things are done. My dad years ago used to make glass at a shop and I remember going to visit him with my mom to see how they were processing the products, and it was REALLY COOL! I appreciate the love 🙂 definitely out to help connect with the world and with those who share my believes, and who have different opinions than mine, I find it amusing to debate on topics that interest me and my readers. Any questions you may have give me a holla!

      50F is getting warmer! California weather is still ehhhhhhh very unstable but of course we have it better than the colder states 🙂 for now.. heat is on its way…


  3. Silvestre,
    Great answer to what is your mission in life. So few people can verbalize what they are about and what makes them tick in this day and age. So many people are just going along for the ride. Sadly, some of these people are a drain on society making the role of a creative person that much harder. You clearly have a vision with social responsibility and I wish there could be so many more like you in this world.

    • Hi Ray,

      Thank you for stopping by. There are a lot of people who do drain creativity, what we have to do is stand strong and keep pushing forward. Don’t allow anyone, or anything get in your way to paving your own road to success.

  4. Ray,
    I recently attended a training where the trainer’s mantra was Mission Possible. I greatly appreciated her message just as I appreciate yours! We each choose our own vision and that choice, not the determinations of others, is what sets us up for success or failure. Nice post!

    • Sorry Silvestre! My fingers typed the name that I was looking at (from the post above)rather than the name I was thinking. Apparently tonight they have a mind of their own! 🙂

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