How Many Micro-Entrepreneurs have you met today?

In Todays emerging markets around the world one of the most influential stories to me comes from Micro-Entrepreneurs from around the world. Take into account the non-profit organization called who specializes in helping micro-entreprenuers from around the world, with funds they can access via  lending programs. Kiva specializes in working with micro-finance institutions on various continents to provide loans to people who don’t have access to traditional banking systems. The loan is administered by these field partners. (more information at About Kiva)


Pro Mujer Bolivia is one of Kiva’s partners in Bolivia that is helping micro-entreprenuer women succeed their dreams and goals. There are many inspiring stories that can be found here. From helping women micro-entreprenuers purchase potatoes, wool, clothing, etc… Both Pro Mujer Bolivia and Kiva are bringing opportunity and change for businesswomen in Bolivia.



Starting Grad School

I have enter a new phase in my journey of what we call life!

Many obstacles have been destructed, new challenges arise and I am loving life! Just came back from a trip to Cabo San Lucas, and now starting my first semester of Graduate School. I have been accepted into the Masters of Entrepreneurship Program at Western Carolina University, and looking forward to making new friends, collegues, and associates.

I have many projects in the pipeline, one step at a time…

Look out for more updates on my adventures, travels, and projects…